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This unconventional site is evolving as a fully functional keep to contain much of what visitors may expect to find at a keep with the unlimited capacity of a tardis. The typical construction of a mono-purpose-site will not be done here. Future unrelated areas may not be directly linked due to the way free search engines work, so a file name and/or domain name will be given to be appended to the URL address. The file names will be short to make editing the URL easy. This site is the experimental work of an individual. The goal of all experiments is to see what happens. Any participation is at the will and risk of those participating. Anything may or may not happen due to independant variables that are not controlled by the site creator. For example, tornadoes destroyed homes just south of the library that is being used to work from, which caused the power to be off one day. Work on this site is slow due to many real world parameters. Disposable emails are used as needed so no time is wasted on spam. A form file may be set up in the future for open public communication. Hidden files may be set up for private communication.

Advantages of the site provider uSight claims include unlimited disk space to work with, the ability to work on it in real time from any internet computer in the world, the ability to handle unlimited traffic to the site, and 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

Some experiments include stress testing the capacity for unlimited traffic at this site so all visitors are free to involve as many other participants as possible. An instructor teaching PL1 at USF told his class any student that could crash the system, an IBM main frame, would get an A. That was before the internet but is the point of some testing. It is unlikely anyone ever crashed that IBM system given the parameters they were working within. No time limits exist for any experiments.

UPDATE: At http://www.usight.com/products/ubuilder.php one of the claims is about unlimited traffic to each web site. At http://myebiz.com/resources/ubuilder/ are other unlimited claims. All links to http://usight.custhelp.com do nothing which has been a fact for quite some time. The claim of unlimited phone support is qualified by the limited hours. uSight boasts support of a major engineering firm. On July 11, 2007 the first file at www.usight.com was reachable but clicking on the members login did nothing. On July 12, 2007 ubuilder.com , manager.ubuilder.com , myebiz.com , and server9.myebiz.com displayed the Apache 2 Test Page indicating the server was working properly but the web site was experiencing problems or was undergoing maintenance. This means the claimed tens of thousands of web sites were unreachable and doing nothing for two days. The test page included generic instructions on where to send emails about the problem. On July 12, email postcards were sent to webmaster@manager.ubuilder.com, webmaster@ubuilder.com, webmaster@server9.myebiz.com, webmaster@myebiz.com, and webmaster@usight.com from Yahoo 360 avatar mail which were delivered but did not get a response. On July 13, emails were sent from Yahoo mail to companies mentioned on www.usight.com. Only one of the claimed testimonials has any information that can be tracked to a contact, the first one, www.outersports.com which is the only company contacted that sent a response which is as follows.

I'm sorry, but OuterSports has nothing to do with Usight. Their testiomonial from us is bogus. We spoke with Usight a long time ago about the possibility of them helping us out with our site, but we didn't feel they had what we needed so we went elsewhere. We've contacted them about removing our fabricated testimonial from their site, but as you can see it is still there. I am very sorry you got involved with them. You can get a lot more for your money by having an outsourced coder build your site. We used www.rent-a-coder.com. Darron OuterSports

An email sent on July 13 from Yahoo mail to success@usight.com as listed on www.usight.com/stories/ could not be delivered.

UPDATE: This message appeared when experiencing problems trying to work the sight through uSight.
Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at Server9.myebiz.com Port 80